About Us


Sigma is the real deal in mum’s health and fitness.  As mums, we wanted a genuine, no bullsh*t approach to fitness during and after pregnancy but couldn’t find anything out there.  We were inundated with images of perfect post partum bodies, targeted with shakes, diets, detoxes and magic pills that promised to eradicate any evidence that we had ever been pregnant.  However, that wasn’t what we were looking for.  

We wanted a fitness programme that combined physical and mental fitness and wasn’t for the sole purpose of regaining our “pre pregnancy bodies”.   The Female Fitness Academy was launched and is redefining fitness for mums.

Over the years we have worked with many business mentors, industry experts and more importantly, tried and tested almost every strategy, product and process out there for mums.  

We have put together all of this information and experience to give you not only a full-proof support package for growing your Pre & Post Natal Fitness business.  But we have also designed a highly specialist training method for you to implement with your client base.

  We have collaborated with experts in the fields of marketing, social media, finance, assertiveness, business strategy and many more to bring you a toolkit of workshops, resources and downloads to enhance your Fitness Qualifications. 

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