Baby Yoga Instructor

Baby yoga uses gentle stretches and movements for you to do with your baby. It incorporates over clothes massage, breathing techniques, stretching and movements for babies, songs, rhymes and actions and sensory play. Many of the movements have been around for centuries and have their roots in traditional Indian culture.

Who is the course suitable for?

This course is aims to provide practitioners with the knowledge and teaching ability to safely and effectively deliver community baby yoga sessions.

  • Children’s Centre staff
  • Nursery staff
  • Community Health Care Practitioners
  • Pre & Post Natal instructors
  • Parents/Carers
  • Teachers

This a baby yoga course and teaches instructors to teach parents/carers to do baby yoga with their babies. This is NOT an adult yoga course and you will not be qualified to teach adult yoga moves.

What does the course cover?
  • Principles, history and benefits of baby yoga
  • Preparing your baby yoga sessions
  • Safety aspects of baby yoga
  • Health considerations for baby yoga classes
  • Baby yoga postures
  • Breathing techniques
  • Using songs and rhymes


*The course fee includes Demonstration Doll and lifetime access to the course materials online. If you have already completed Baby Massage Instructor with us, please contact us for your £50 discount on your second Baby Instructor course.

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